Successful operation to return our citizens

Thanks to the brilliant coordination between the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine, the President's Office and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, our military successfully evacuated 96 more people from Afghanistan, most of them citizens of Ukraine and their families, as well as citizens of other countries - 18 at the request of the Vaticanб two – at the request of Canada and nine others - with a certificate of permanent residence in Ukraine.

This is not the first plane with evacuated people that Ukraine was able to take out of Kabul. Such operations of the Ukrainian special services once again confirm the skills of our military and intelligence. After all, no other country now has the full opportunity to evacuate its citizens from Afghanistan.

I am frankly glad to take part in this as a member of the relevant Committee of the Verkhovna Rada. The fact that other countries are sending requests to our intelligence to evacuate people is a worthy assessment of our work! Thanks to everyone who joined the special operation.

Thanks to everyone who prepared, coordinated and carried out this risky operation!