International Arms Exhibition "Weapons and Security 2021"

The International Arms Exhibition "Weapons and Security 2021" has ended and it should be noted that the interest in the products of Ukrainian arms manufacturers continues to be very significant.

There is a significant strong state interest in holding international exhibitions on security and defense. The ability to organize and conduct such events at a high international level clearly strengthens and enhances the position of any country in the world ranking of high-tech countries.

Due to the constant military threat, our state must carry out rearmament, and at the same time finance this process. This will encourage not only domestic manufacturers to take motivated steps and show interest, but also in powerful world-famous brands such as Lockheed Martin.

To achieve success and progress in the defense industry, we need effective concerted action by parliamentarians, parliamentary committees, the Defense Ministry, the General Staff, the Ministry of Strategprom, the Ministry of Economy, and other key government agencies and individuals to achieve a quality result that is key to renewal of the Ukrainian army with new modern weapons.

Some main results of the exhibition "Weapons and Security 2021" together with my comments can be found in the Defense Express story at the link: