An important step towards strengthening Ukraine's defense capabilities

On June 29, Members of the Parliament (People’s Deputies of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine) supported the draft law “On the Fundamentals of National Resistance” (Reg. № 5557) in the first reading.

318 People's Deputies out of 350 present in the session hall voted for its adoption, which was a demonstration of unity in the Ukrainian Parliament on the crucial decision for national security and defense.

The draft law is based on the experience of NATO member states in organizing comprehensive defense, in particular, territorial defense, resistance movements and preparing the population to defend their country.

National resistance is the involvement of the entire population in counteracting the aggressor, as well as preparing for such counteraction. It provides for the introduction of a system of general military training, the development of territorial defense and the resistance movement. Territorial defense will be conducted throughout Ukraine outside the areas of direct hostilities, and the resistance movement - in the temporarily occupied territory. This will significantly strengthen the defense capabilities because the potential aggressor will know that in every region, in every district there are organized units that will be ready to repel him at any moment, even in the occupied territories.

The adoption of the bill is an unalterable step towards strengthening the state’s defense capabilities in the face of the growing Russian threat both from the territory of the Russian Federation and from the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories, Belarus and Transnistria.

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